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I bet I could eat the whole batch...


that is so cool! I've never done this before. Will have to try. Thanks for the tips.


thanks for the demo -- I had no idea that salt was the magic ingredient! I just wish I liked ikura more...

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

Oh wow! I'm now on the hunt here in NYC for some nama sujiko as I so want to try this. Beautiful!


salmon roe is one of the few things in japanese food that I cannot eat. I find it too much tasting too much like cod liver oil


great cooking and pictures. Somehow, I've got a gut feeling that I can cook it too. A nice report.


Wow, excellant pictorial! I used to adore Ikura before I became vegetarian. I'll pass this on to my mom in Seattle, thanks!


What a phenomenal post. I just copied one of the pictures to my blog and linked it back to you. You are SUCH an inspiration! Congratulations.


Joan, too late! I already did.

Thanks for all the kind comments, and thanks for the link Andy!


hi there!

surfed onto your blog and i am so inspired by your wonderful pictures and recipes. i like cooking too. you have inspired me to try making the salted ikura myself. thank you so much for the helpful visual guide.

take care,

Dan The How to Cook Salmon Expert

This is good for ice cold refreshments and we need it here in OZ now.. It's hot in here:)


Thanks for the demo:)
My mom's friends went fishing last fall and found roe in most of the salmons. So i make it the way you did. It was great:), made my grandpa really happy (he adores Ikuras)


Wow! Thank you SO much for the lesson on making ikura. It is such a favorite for me, that I have it last when I eat sushi and I consider it my dessert. I've often seen the sacs at a local Japanese market, but never knew how to make ikura. Now I do and I don't have to pay a high price for a small jar of ikura anymore!

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